Terms & Conditions

1) Contact

LEAOS Gmbh/Srl Haslacherstrasse 26 39100 Bozen (Bolzano) South Tyrol / Italy T +39 335 6900117 F +39 0471 1721078 www.leaos.com Chamber of Commerce Entry: Company Registration Number VAT NO. IT02967700218

2) Bank Coordinates

Bank: Raiffeisenkasse, Ritten branch Account holder: Leaos Gmbh/srl IBAN: IT12T0818711600000004043699 S.W.I.F.T / BIC code: CCRTIT2TRIT

3) Purchase Agreement

For orders from www.leaos.com, the contracting partner of the purchaser is: LEAOS Gmbh/Srl Haslacherstrasse 26 39100 Bozen (Bolzano) South Tyrol / Italy The presentation of products in the online shop does not represent a legally binding offer, but a non-binding online catalogue. By clicking “Submit Order”, however, you are placing a binding order of the merchandise inside the basket. Confirmation of receipt of your order takes place together with the acceptance of your order, immediately upon placement of the order, through the presentation of an order confirmation and, in addition, a copy via automated e-mail. This order confirmation sets the purchase agreement in force. We reserve the right in exceptional cases (e.g. when merchandise is unavailable) to withdraw from the order. In this case, we will notify you immediately and recommend alternatives to you where appropriate. We save your order data and send them, together with our order confirmation, by email. Our terms and conditions may be viewed here on these pages at any time. Your order details are inaccessible online for security reasons.

4) Customer Service, Complaints

LEAOS Gmbh/Srl Haslacherstrasse 26 39100 Bozen (Bolzano) South Tyrol / Italy T +39 335 6900117 F +39 0471 1721078 info@leaos.com If you receive, even after all the checks that we perform, a defective or damaged product, please contact our customer service desk on Mondays through Fridays between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (see contact details above).

5) Warranty l Repairs

In all EU countries, a statutory warranty period of 24 months is valid for all new goods. Should a product purchased at LEAOS.com become damaged after it is past the warranty period, it is possible in many cases to repair it at our shop.

6) Shipping Document, Receipt

Pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 1 of the MD (ministerial decree) dated 21 December 1992 mail-order companies are exempt from issuing fiscal documents (tax receipt, invoice, etc.) You will receive a shipping invoice that contains all information related to this contract (contract number, details about the buyer, listing of the items ordered including quantity and value, total amount of the order, information about shipping and payment, etc.). Please keep this document! As your proof of purchase, it is important to keep in case of complaints or for the insurance in the case of theft. We will also keep a copy of your records. If you lose the shipping documents that accompanied your order, please contact us by email, fax, or telephone us. We will gladly send you a copy of your order details.

7) Jurisdiction

In business relationships with consumers, contractual disputes are under the jurisdiction of the domicile of the consumer. In business relationships with consumers, the law of the domicile of the end-user is applicable provided that the laws are explicitly related to consumers’ rights.

8) Content of the www.leaos.com

We have placed links to other websites on various pages of our portal. We expressly state that we have no influence upon the design and contents of these linked pages and hereby distance ourselves from all content found on linked websites. At the same time, we emphasise that the information and fact sheets on our website do not claim to be complete. The products of Sportler, for example, include sporting goods that are intended for use in high-risk sports (e.g. mountain climbing, ski touring, etc.). Sportler assumes no liability for the improper use of these products. Therefore we advise that you attend courses and/or read the relevant literature and/or manual before using these products.

9) Copyright

The entire content of the www.leaos.com website is owned wholly by Leaos and is thus protected by copyright. No part of this content may be reproduced in any form or processed, copied or distributed by any electronic systems without the express written permission of Leaos. All rights reserved. Warning: Theft of copyrighted content is a criminal offence.

10) Languages

You may complete the purchase agreement in German, Italian or English.