Pressed Bike now also available with gears

This year launched and successful very light e-bike is extended by a model. Due to the considerable demand, a gearshift is now available.


The gearshift makes the LEAOS an e-bike with an even wider range of applications.
The LEAOS rides without engine assistance or over 25 km / h extremely light and without compromises.

The Pressed Bike is a design e-bike with classic geometry, a very innovative production process and a special style.
In 2019, the Pressed Bike won the Focus Design and Innovation Award

• Very light at 15 kg
• Removable battery 360 Wh, unique in this class
• Pressed frame according to automotive standard
• Fast charging in 1.5 hours
• 100% Made in Italy
• Design by Harry Thaler

Designed and handmade in Italy

by adminarmin