Pursuant to EU law, the 25-km/h version does not require a license plate or insurance. We also offer a 45-km/h version, which is classified as a moped and thus requires a licence plate and insurance.

Leaos bikes are very low maintenance since the drive components are protected from the weather. Every 2–3 months, the chain should be oiled. The tyre pressure should be checked regularly. The brakes must be checked regularly for wear and tear to the brake pads.

We offer frame sizes ranging from 155 cm to 190 cm. As a result of the bike’s special geometric shape, the saddle shifts back as it is raised. The various stems for the handlebars can also be matched to size.

Yes. Note that a child seat must be mounted on a rack, which must be ordered with the bike.

The bike is cushioned by its special balloon tires. According to tests, the spring action of this tyre is better than the conventional trekking or city fork suspension and offers low rolling resistance.