LEAOS Carbon Pure – 2022

New Bosch Powertube 750 Wh and Bosch Motor Performance CX with Bosch Smart System

New optimized Frame with modernized design


 Enviolo/ Nuvinci AutomatiQ stepless gear shifting- wireless

NEW! Also with Rohloff E- 14

Gates Carbondrive Belt

Autonomy up to 170 km

Order now! Delivery April 2022

from 6.850 Euro

Delivery & Guarantee

We deliver free of charge pre- assembled in the safe LEAOS box.

In case of warranty issues we organize transport and repair free of charge.


Long range – 750 Wh

LEAOS e-bikes are very light and still have a large range. The bike is very agile.

Up to 170 km are possible with one battery charge thanks to efficient software and motor.

The compact battery is integrated invisibly in the elegant frame. Removable, of course.

Now also with Rohloff E-14

Due to the high demand, the LEAOS Pure 2022 is available for the first time with an optional Rohloff E-14.

With this equipment variant with 625 Wh Powertube. Upgrade to 750 Wh is possible in 2024.



Leaos Pure is the purest form of LEAOS.
The elegance of the body, paired with completely integrated components, gives the e-bike a unique look.
In the 4th generation of the Pure, LEAOS continues the tradition of clean design and, at the same time, superior driving characteristics and suitability for everyday use. Something special!


Suspension fork, saddle suspension, balloon tires. Sporty or more comfort thanks to the suspension fork and saddle suspension. Gel saddle for long tours. Perfect road holding and directional stability thanks to the sophisticated geometry. Luggage rack for all adapter systems. The Pure is ideal for touring and town, and thanks to the balloon tires from Schwalbe with a very good profile, it is also suitable for unpaved roads. One of the advantages of this e-bike is its versatility without compromise and the comfortable, deep unisex entry. The luggage rack can be loaded with luggage up to 25 kg and is compatible with bags of all major brands.




The mid-engine from Bosch brings a lot of power with low weight. The infinitely variable automatic transmission from Enviolo / NuVinci or Rohloff E-14 ensure absolute premium. Driving experience. No cracking noises, no cables. Float silently and enjoy the shifting comfort. Excellent deceleration thanks to Shimano or Magura 4 piston disc brakes.



Stepless switching with Enviolo / Nuvinci

Maintenance-free and maximum convenience.


German technology at its best with Rohloff E-14

Larger gear ratio and 14 finely graduated gears


Diverse equipment for everyday life

Stable, lightweight luggage rack from Racktime.

Clickable baskets and pocket systems .Saddle suspension.

Height-adjustable handlebar stem. We are always happy to meet your special request.

Accessories in the style of the elegant LEAOS

Selected elegant side pockets Brooks backpacks

Baskets made of aluminum and with elegant fabrics

Service in Europe and Germany- reliable and fast

No service partner, no worries

Keep the box – Free pick-up. The Bike will be  back within 1 week

We answer within 24 hours and do our best to solve problems quickly and easily.

With LEAOS to work – Jobbike and other leasing companies

Ask your employer about cooperation with various providers and get  Your LEAOS e-bike.

The leasing companies that also cooperate with e-bike manufacturers outside Germany will be listed here shortly.

For questions info@leaos.com


LEAOS Carbon Pure highlights

Carbon monocoque very light stable frame N

ew 750 Wh battery from Bosch

New Performance CX from Bosch and Smartes Disolay with APP

Easy handling Easy entry, unisex Smooth, silent gear shifting without maintenance

E- 14 Rohloff option

No oil, no dirt thanks to the maintenance-free belt drive 

up to 20,000 km without changing

Unique design by Daniele Orfano, Italy

Red Dot Award winner





Version: 25 km/h or 45 km/h Version available
Framesize: One size, unisex, from 170 cm to 195 cm body size adjusteable by handlebar, stem
Frame: Carbon monocoque with carbon fork or suspension fork
Drive: Bosch central motor, 250/500 watt, 36 volt, torque 90 Nm, 3 independent sensors record crank torque, crank speed and bicycle speed, 4 levels of power support
Wheels: 27,5″
Power transmission: Gates Carbondrive Belt drive
Control: Digital Display
Transmission: NuVinci/Enviolo TR automatic gear hub with advanced controller or also Rohloff E- 14 speed hub
Battery: 750 Wh, removable, speed charger
Suspension: Schwalbe Balloon tyres or high quality suspension fork
Brakes: Shimano or Magura 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes
Lights: Integrated led lights by Supernova legal for 45 km/h version
Grips: ergonomic grips
Saddle Selle Royal lookin 3D, high quality ergonomic gel saddle
Total weight 21 kg